Level Information
World University


Difficulty 1star
Par 3


TUTORIAL 1/2 The notepad is in the upper right corner of the bottom screen.

Tapping it opens write mode.

In the notepad, you can write anything you can think of!

However, there are a few rules to what objects you can write.

First, it must be a real-life, physical object.

Additionally, it cannot be:

a place,
proper name
suggestive material...
Latin or Greek root word,
race or culture...
...vulgarity or

You can only write one letter at a time.

When your word is finished, tap "OK" to bring it into the World.

You can place the object in any empty space by dragging it and letting go.

Now, tap the Notepad!

An object must be created in the Notepad before the next text continues.

TUTORIAL 2/2 While dragging, you can rotate the object by pressing the L button or the R button.

Collect the Starite on your left!

Description of the level

Finally, the notepad is unlocked! You can start using the notepad to create objects, and this tutorial gives you a brief lesson on how.

The hints details all the rules on how to use the notepad effectively. Once that is done, it's your turn!

The rules for the notepad:

  • must be a real-life, physical object (or an internet meme)
  • cannot be:
    • a place
    • proper name
    • suggestive material
    • shape
    • Latin or Greek root word
    • Alcohol
    • race or culture
    • vulgarity
    • copyrighted

It also notes that using the L or R button, while dragging, will rotate the object.


After TUTORIAL 1/2 finishes it's text, open the notepad write a valid Object and tap on it so it becomes active. Once in the World, the object will be destroyed and TUTORIAL 2/2 will play it's text.

The notepad is removed after this, so all you can do is click on the Starite to continue.

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