Level Information
World University


Difficulty 1star
Par 3


Rocky or metal terrain can't be destroyed, but other types can.

Description of the level

There's a shovel next to Maxwell at the start of this level, and dirt terrain beyond it. Now that you know how to use items, grab the shovel and tap at the dirt to dig until you fall through!

Now it's time to learn how to use Identify Mode. Basically, tap the magnifying glass in the top left of the touchscreen. When it turns green, you are now able to see the name Scribblenauts assigns to every object. This is sometimes very useful or important to solve puzzles, and it's generally really neat to see all the items Scribblenauts actually has. Before you grab the [[[}-0000Starite]]], use Identify Mode on some stuff to get a feel for how it works. It's pretty simple, but it can come in handy, especially if you're not sure what something actually is.

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