Level Information
World University


Difficulty 1star
Par 3


TUTORIAL 1/1 This is an "Action" level.

In Action levels your only objective is to get to the Starite.

The Camera may show you somethng of interest and the Starite.

Don't forget that an object can be rotated with the L button and R button while dragging it.

HINT Get to the Starite!

Description of the level

The first Action level! You get a blank road with a bump and a Starite clearly availabe. The catch is that you need to add some sort of object to get over the hump and reach the Starite. But the gap is small and almost any object that Maxwell can climb up, or fly with, will get him up easily.

Possible Solutions

Create an object that Maxwell can climb up with, or ontop of.

Create an object that Maxwell can fly with.

Use a Lasso or Fishingpole to pull the Starite down.

Attach a Rope to the Starite, then to Maxwell, and have him either pull the Starite down, or climb up to it.

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