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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

To insert this template onto an object page, simply add this to the top of the page:

  • You MUST be in Wikitext mode to paste this code! Click the black box in the upper right of the editor (or use Google Chrome)!

|image =
|Name = Exact name
|Type = Type (see below)
|Uses = Potential uses
|Danger = Danger (see below)
|Synonyms = Synonyms

NOTES: After the equals sign on the image row, click the Add image button and add a fullsize image of the object in question. Try to make it 2x its ingame size. Note: There is only one ultimately legal way to get high-res screenshots of DS games right now, and it is something of a bitch to do. If you can't get an image, just leave it blank and fill in the rest. One of us will add an image eventually!
Row 1 should be the exact way the word should be typed into Scribblenauts to get the object.
Row 2 should be the object's type. This should the HIGHEST-level Category the object belongs to, and you can link it by placing [[ ]] around it. Here is a list:

It should NOT be things like "Meme" or "Animal" or "Flying"- these will be covered in the object's other categories.

  • The one exception to this is the non-weapon WMDs, such as Post 217 or Black Hole. These should not be given the "Weapons" category at all (though nuke, of course, should), but should get the WMDs category and WMD type.
  • If the object in question really doesn't match any of those descriptions at all, or only has very basic uses, like, say, a baseball, just use Object for the type.

Row 3 will be some possible or suggested uses for the item. Try to limit this to ways in which the item could be used in action levels, and leave fun/ridiculous/insane interactions and silly other uses to the text of the article.
Row 4 describes the danger (if any) and object might pose to Maxwell. For NPCs and/or creatures, put "Friendly," "Neutral," or "Hostile." For things that can blow up and hurt Maxwell if he's close, put "Explosive." Things that kill everything on the screen, "Clears screen." Stuff that shorts out in water? "Shorts out in water." Etc. You can mention weaknesses of the item in this field but only if it might involve Maxwell failing a solution or getting hurt/killed.
Row 5 should list any direct synonyms of the word that spawn the exact same item. Be very careful as just having the same sprite does not mean the items are identical. Try some interactions first to be sure.

And by the way, I know that people and animals aren't "objects" but we're working with what we got here!

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