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Difficulty 1star

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To insert this template onto a level page, simply add this to the top of the page:

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|World = X
|Difficulty = X
|Par = X

HINT (as it appears in-game) GOES HERE!

===Description of the level===
Description of the appearance of the level/what is present on it at the start.

===Possible solutions===
Suggestions on ways to go about solving the level, typically including or followed by words that can be summoned to help in [[square brackets]].


World must be the world number, from 0 - 10. Each world gets a number, as is the first part of the X-X designation for each level. Enter just the number to get the Template:WorldLink link to show up.

Difficulty must be the number of stars for the difficulty, from 1 - 4. Each level's difficulty can only be in that range. Enter just the number to get the Template:DifficultyImage image to show up.

Par will be a number instead of X for the par. If there is no par, leave it blank.

If the parameter for World or Difficulty is not properly handled by the templates, then the enered text is echoed back in the text box. This prevents ugly bugs, but will hide incorrect usage of this template.

This template will automatically add the page to the Levels category and the correct Worlds category for the specific World. However, the World tempalte only works if the World param is setup correctly.

This template also makes use of Template:WorldLink and Template:DifficultyImage. Plese check our their documentation for details on how the World and Difficulty params are used.

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