There is a smörgåsbord of creatures in Scribblenauts. Some of them are friendly. But others... not so much. Some find Maxwell to be a threat. Some think he is encroaching on their territory. Others think he seems delicious.

When it comes to these hostile beasties, your first thought might be to bust out the biggest weapon you can think of and blow 'em apart. But wait! If you tame them instead, you can then ride them and turn their deadly primal fury on Maxwell's enemies.

Some creatures, such as the Griffin, are untamable. No matter how hard you try, they just can't be wrangled. However, in these cases and unlike the others, if you throw a saddle on their backs you'll be able to ride and control them. Just beware when you get off. They won't be amused.

To tame an animal, simply drag a saddle onto the creature you wish to tame.

Items that can tame creatures

  • Chloroform
  • Cupid Bow/Cupid Arrow
  • Ether
  • Mind Control Device
  • Dart Gun
  • Saddle (this will allow you to climb on the creature's back, but you won't be able to control it until it is tamed)
  • Simply feeding an animal 3 times will put them to sleep, allowing them to be friendly upon awaking.
  • Potion
  • Peroxide
  • Radiation (drop the "rock" on the head to make them go asleep and when they wake up, they're tamed)
  • Chemical

Beasts to tame

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