There, I pretty much copied the list of words page from the other wiki.

This page could be improved by

  • fixing the missing extended European characters.
  • fixing the words which have the final letter missing (not sure why this happened to some of the words on the leaked list).

I think it is fun to see all the words together on one page so as to be able to peruse them all at once, but there would be advantages in having individual pages for each letter.

some fixes

Some changes (a few years late). diff

  • 2617 corrections:
    • Mostly appending missing last letters
      • Some cascading changes because of this. "Ro" and "Roc" become "Roc" and "Rock".
    • A few realphabetizations (very minimal, same algorithm as the game was attempted), like "Jälkiuunileipä" moved to after JZ.
    • Fixed all accented words (I think).
    • Two redundant words removed that were not in the original list: "Bento Box" and "Bruitin".
    • All CASE had to be stripped to merge with original list. Uppercase lettering applied after:
      • Beginning of word,
      • Spaces, Dashes, Hyphens,
      • Apostrophes except for possessive 's_ matches.
    • Disambiguations added for almost all duplicate entries.
  • Notes:
    • NOT COMPLETE: Some words still missing last letter, especially foreign words.
    • There are a few odd entries that can't possibly be fixed with an additional letter, such as "Briny" "B" "Briny Deep".
      • These were in the original list as well. Full list of these: b,b,b,er,jac,o,pe,s.
    • Some duplicates in original list had no actual disambiguation. Eg: "Field Goal Post" and "Minivan".
    • Some oddities exist, like "Keyhole" having two entries and "Key Hole" having one, while the latter was the disambiguation in the game. Same case for "Pillbox".

-- 22:10, October 17, 2011 (UTC)

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