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  • If you're new to the game, check out control tips for some essentials!
  • We now have an interesting, in-depth page on various glitches in the game. If you're here after experiencing a crash or freeze, check this page for possible workarounds!
  • We really want you to tell us more about monsters,foods and other stuff feel free to edit pages!


  • Super Scribblenauts is out! Get it get it!

-Developed by 5TH Cell.
-DS Only.
-Available Now.
-Yes, D-pad controls for Maxwell are in along with significantly improved stylus controls and camera is now fixed.
-Big updates to physics (it's still DS, but it's vastly improved).
-Levels are revamped completely improved (no more solving every level with rope/unicorn/death/etc), levels are deeper in content.
-The 10,000 words refers to adjectives, we didn't add 10,000 new objects, we put in 10,000 new adjectives (we put in some new words too).
-You can string adjectives together.

There's a lot more info in the NP article, buy it!

Scribblenauts 2 is featured on the covered of the issue of Nintendo Power, and the newsstand version has different art than the subscription version. Both are very cool!

  • Happy new year!
  • September 23, 2009, and we're over 260! That's more than double what we had two days ago! Very very pleased! Thank you to all our contributors.
  • As of September 21, 2009, we have over 120 Object pages on the wiki- that means we're about 1/2200th of the way to completion! ;)
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  • Scribblenauts Official European launch was Oct. 09, 2009! Get yours now!
  • Scribblenauts Official North American launch was Sept. 15, 2009! Get yours now!

  • Please add to this Wiki at will! It is under heavy construction at the moment, but every little bit helps.
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    • Any time you cite a word that can be entered into Scribblenauts as a summonable object, please link to its page (even if it doesn't exist yet) on the wiki, using double brackets (example: [[word]]).
    • If you'd like to add a Level, please see Template:Level. Please name the page with the format Puzzle/Action X-X . Be sure to add the "Levels" category at the bottom.
    • If you'd like to add an Object, please see Template:Object. Please name the page exactly as you'd type the word into Scribblenauts to get the object. Be sure to add the appropriate categories at the bottom- if you aren't sure what it would be called, just start typing. A list of already-existing categories will pop up.
  • Spoilers are FAIR GAME here! If you don't want level solutions or clever interactions spoiled, stay away until you're ready! ==
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