Note: There are many cases in which emulating and especially obtaining a Nintendo DS ROM would be considered illegal and potentially even legally actionable. If you have any doubts about whether or not your use is legitimate, please leave a message for an admin and they will be happy to help.

Quick Tips

  • .PNG Format
  • Infobox shots get a solid background and are 2x ingame size, like this:
    You can easily resize with paint. The beach start screen backdrop (pictured below, found in the dead center of the select screen) is usually best for these, as it has a blank solid light blue background.
  • Place an object before your screenshots, since it is upscaled and therefore bad quality directly after writing it.
    in order to get a screenshot in front of the sky you can release it in the air and immediately press the “printscreen” key.
  • Action shots should be actual-size of the whole screen, like those below.

Currently (and unfortunately), the only even halfway decent to obtain full-res DS screenshots is by emulating the game on a PC. This page assumes that you already have a fully functioning emulated ROM and will not discuss how to go about getting one.

Since the emulator relies on your PC's hardware instead of the native hardware of the DS, there can be considerable variety in the nature of screenshots that are taken with one. Settings within the emulator can affect things such as 3D rendering clarity and color intensity.


nocash 3D renderer; GBA SP backlight mode


opengl 3D renderer; GBA SP backlight mode


BEST opengl 3D renderer; VGA (poppy bright) mode

Note that ultimately, this isn't so important- being able to see the art asset at high resolution is what we are going for. The nocash and opengl renderers are both quite good and both have they're quirks, and while the opengl one is somewhat cleaner all around, it requires more graphics power and may affect performance. The VGA settings look the best for screenshots, but these are actually more vibrant than the DS screen itself.

All shots should be in .png format. InfoBox shots should be 2x in-game size. In-game action shots should be actual size.

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