Object Information




Wearable item
(NOTE: Only mountable creatures can wear this)


Riding creatures comfortably





Scribbling "Saddle" will, as expected, spawn a saddle for you to place on an animal. However, placing a saddle on a beast who you have not befriended will not give you full reign of the animal. You may certainly sit on the animal all you please, but you will have no control over where the animal will travel.

It is suggested that you tame the animal (i.e. throw a cupid arrow at it) before trying to use it for transportation if its first reaction is to kill Maxwell.

The saddle does have a more convenient use however. Even when not placed on an animal Maxwell will still get on the saddle when instructed. However he does not get off unless you tap the saddle itself, using the same principal as Hawkian's Elevator; however, the saddle has the convenience of allowing this trick in a much smaller space.

Placing the saddle on a plane or other vehicle with two seats allows you to contol it, even if there is someone in the pilot seat.

It allows you to have full control over a Gymnast, and allows you to ride a hurt creature.

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