Level Information
World Shoreline


Difficulty 1star
Par 2


Help him off the island!

Description of the Level

Maxwell starts the level on an island with a beggar, who is the one to help off the island, as the hint suggests. There is also a palm tree, and a crab. Scrolling down through the water for about five seconds will reveal a cthulhu swimming deep below the island.

This puzzle is a direct reference to none other than H.P. Lovecraft's Call of the Cthulhu which first introduces the hidden island under which the cthulhu sleeps.

Possible solutions

Simply getting him off the island will solve this level.

  • Place any food or water on the island
  • Place a swimming or flying vehicle
  • Map
  • Radio
  • Flare gun
  • Phone and any variation
  • Summon any female NPC infront of him
  • Getting him to jump into the water.

Bug/Secret Solution?

Summon a time machine and take it out of the level. Do whatever you want in your new time, then use the time machine again to return to the island. The level will restart, but you'll get the Starite automatically.

just use a boat but dont put in water put in front of him,