Scribblenauts Wiki
Level Information
World The Peaks


Two Star Difficulty
Par 2


Power it on and get it home!

Description of the level

There is a house to the left side of the screen, a broken-down car to the right side, and a power pole off-screen to the right.

Possible solutions

Fix the car using one of the methods below, then hop in and drive it to the house.

  • Attach the car to the power pole on the right, using a cable, wire, cord, etc. Even non-electric things like a rope or vine will work. Push the car by running into it if your attachment object is too short to reach.
  • Alternately, summon a power source (battery, car battery, generator, solar panel, defibrillator, etc.) or any electrical appliance (toaster, hair dryer, TV) and attach it to the car using anything, even glue/gum/duct tape.
  • Drop an electric eel or an electric chair onto the car.
  • Place lightning above the car.
  • Shoot the car with a stun gun.
  • Summon God, then anger him somehow. If he shocks the car while trying to attack you, it will be fixed!