Level Information
World The Gardens


Difficulty 1star
Par 2


Knock 'em all off without cheating or guns.

Description of the level

Maxwell begins next to some stepladders, a referee there to make sure you don't cheat, and a bunch of bottles stacked on top of a couple crawlspaces.

Possible solutions

No weapons- but pretty much anything else is fair game, including vehicles with built-in weapons.

Note that "cheating" means running directly into the bottles, even if you're in a vehicle like a UFO.

  • Any item you can throw, such as a baseball. If you don't knock down all the bottles, just pick your item back up and try again.
  • Simply dropping an item such as a hippopotamus onto the bottles.
  • Battleship or any other vehicle with built-in weapons.
  • Fan (tool)
  • Balloon (attach to the bottommost bottle)
  • Rope (attaching it is enough to make them fall over)
  • Anything that destroys the wooden foundation beneath the bottles, such as a hammer, match or termite.
  • Animal + glue + fishing pole + glue + food that the animal likes. The animal will run into the bottles, knocking them down. For example, one prerelease video showed this method using a kangaroo and lettuce.
  • Bowling Ball (drop it on the bottles)