Level Information
World The Gardens


Difficulty 1star
Par 3


Capture the butterfly!

Description of the level

Maxwell begins the level standing near a floating butterfly. The level is small enough to fit entirely on one screen.

Possible solutions

All you need to do is catch the butterfly. No major obstacles are in your way. The following work:

  • You can actually solve this level without any items at all! Simply jump, then while in mid-air, tap the butterfly and select "pick up".
  • Standing on a box or any other similar object gets you high enough to pick up the butterfly.
  • You can also use any flying object (jetpack, wings, etc.) to get close enough.
  • You can also bring the butterfly closer to the ground by dropping an object on top of it repeatedly, or tying rope/chain to it.
  • A flower or a type of flower will attract the butterfly like rose.
  • Instead of picking up the butterfly, you can also use an object like a butterfly net or bucket to contain it.
  • pull it down using grapple, fishing rod, etc.
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