Level Information
World The Gardens


Difficulty 2stars
Par 4


Return the flowers to her in her basket!

Description of the level

Maxwell starts out next to a florist. There are three flowers that need to be reclaimed: one nearby, but guarded by a bee, another underwater guarded by a deadly piranha, and a third up on a ledge. After you claim each one you must fill up her florist's basket with them.

Possible solutions

This level might be, for some, the first real challenge a puzzle level presents.

For the first and second flowers, summoning a strong creature like the mothman is the easiest way to kill both the bee and the piranha.
The bee is also easily killed by projectiles as he stings... well... like a bee. That is, fast. But be careful not to destroy the flower with an errant shot! A frog also works well.

The piranha can be baited with something like a corpse long enough to get the second flower.

You can also use a fishing pole to retrieve the 2nd flower. It's tempting to catch the piranha, but once it's on land it'll kill you! Just don't use an electrical device to kill the piranha! The shock will destroy the flower as well.

The third flower is easily retrieved using a flight item, or by blowing it down with a fan (tool). Another creative way to reach the flower is to drop an island in the water then place a trampoline or bed on top.