Scribblenauts Wiki
Level Information
World The Gardens


Two Star Difficulty
Par 3


Protect the food, but don't upset the hippie by hurting the ants!

Description of the level

Damn hippies. Always ruining picnics. You have to think of a pacifistic way to protect the food, lest you incur the offended wrath of an ant-lover! Maxwell starts near a blanket with a sandwich on it, and some ants nearby.

Possible solutions

This level can be solved without any summons, simply by picking up the sandwich. The ants won't be able to get it, and if you wait long enough the starite will appear.

The next-easiest way to pull this off is to just toss that sandwich into some kind of container before the ants reach it. Throw that sucker in a safe it'll still be good later.

You could also use:

Another solution type is to quickly drop obstacles like crates or...well...anything... in the path of the ants. A stove works fine. Just don't drop items on the ants themselves.

Also, you can use a body of water like a lake. The ants won't drown.

Repellent disables the ants long enough to get the starite.

The hippie has no objections to an ant-eater eating the ants, but for some reason doesn't like it if you use a frog. Or a dunce. Hmm.