Merits are awards/achievements you can earn by doing different things in a given level. You will need to complete the level to earn them.

All merits could theoretically be achieved in one level except for "No Weapons" and probably "Pi". "Genius" and "Prodigy" are mutually exclusive. "Miser" may not be achievable more than once (unconfirmed).

List of Merits

Merit0 Name How to Acquire
Merit1a 5TH Cell Spawn a 5TH Cell employee.
Merit2 All New Complete a level with objects you've never used before.
Merit3 Architect Write 2 buildings.
Merit4 Arrrrrr Attach the Jolly Roger to a flagpole.
Merit5 Audiophile Write 2 or more instruments or audio objects.
Merit6 Bioterrorist Introduce the plague and infect 2 or more people.
Merit7 Botanist Write 2 or more plants.
Merit8 Chauffeur Drive a vehicle with more than one passenger
Merit9 Chef Write two or more foods
Merit10 Closet Write two or more clothes.
Merit11 Combo Combine any two objects together.
Merit12 Cupid Shoot a humanoid with Cupid's arrow.
Merit13 Decorator Write 2 furniture objects.
Merit14 Electrolysis Shock someone with electricity.
Merit15 Elemental Write more than one element.
Merit16 Entertainer Write 2 or more entertainment objects.
Merit17 Entomologist Spawn two or more insects.
Merit18 Environmentalist Write 2 or more environmental objects.
Merit19 Explosive Spawn two or more objects that explode.
Merit46 Exterminator Two or more humanoids or animals start a level, and are destroyed.
Merit47 Fantasynovel Write 2 fantasy objects.
Merit22 Fashion Designer Clothe Maxwell's head, body, legs, feet and give him an accessory.
Merit23 Firefighter Put out at least 2 fires.
Merit24 Genius Complete a level twice in a row.
Merit25 Glutton Feed someone or something 3 times in a row.
Merit26 Gold Digger Spawn three or more precious stones.
Merit27 Grab and Go Write 2 or more grabbing tool objects.
Merit28 Haxxor Write 5 or more developers.
Merit29 Healer Spawn two or more medical objects.
Merit30 Herpetologist Write 2 or more reptiles.
Merit75 Humanitarian Write two or more humans.
Merit31 Infected Spawn a zombie and make it infect at least two humanoids.
Merit33 Janitor Spawn two or more cleaning objects.
Merit34 Jockey Use an animal as a vehicle.
Merit35 Joust Defeat a knight while Maxwell is mounted.
Merit21a Knight School Kill a dragon using a melee weapon.
Merit36 Luddite Short out 3 or more objects.
Merit37 Lumberjack Cut down three or more trees.
Merit38 Mad Hatter Place a hat on four or more humanoids or animals.
Merit39 Magician Use the magic wand to turn something into a toad.
Merit40 Marine Biologist Write 2 or more fish.
Merit41 Mechanic Jump start a vehicle.
Merit42 Messiah Turn a humanoid into a deity.
Merit43 Militant Use 2 weapons and 1 weaponized vehicle.
Merit44 Miner 49er Dig a massive hole.
Merit45 Miser Obtain a total of 300,000 or more Ollars
Merit49 New Object Write a completely new item.
Merit51 No Weapons Don't write a weapon to complete a level.
Merit50 Novice Angler Catch a fish with a fishing pole.
Merit52 Old School Write 2 or more classic videogame objects.
Merit53 Organ Donor Spawn two or more organs.
Merit54 Ornithologist Write 2 or more birds.
Merit55 Paleontologist Spawn two ore more dinosaurs.
Merit56 Pariah Make 3 humanoids or animals flee.
Merit57 Pi Earn exactly 314 style points
Merit58 Picasso Write 2 or more drawing object tools.
Merit59 Pilot Spawn two or more aircraft.
Merit60 Prodigy Complete a level 3 times in a row.
Merit61 Pyromaniac Set at least 4 objects on fire in a level.
Merit62 Reanimator Bring a corpse back to life.
Merit63 Roped In Write 2 or more rope objects.
Merit64 Russian Doll Place an object inside another object, and then place that object into a third object.
Merit65 Savior Two or more humanoids or animals start and finish a level alive.
Merit78 Sea Two Write 2 or more sea vehicles.
Merit66 Series of Tubes Spawn 'tube' five times.
Merit77 Shoveler Spawn two or more digging objects.
Merit67 Smasher Write 2 or more melee weapons.
Merit68 Smuggler Hide an item in a container.
Merit69 Split Personality Write 2 or more cutting or splitting tool objects.
Merit70 Stealth Destroy a security camera.
Merit71 Sweet Tooth Write 2 or more junk foods.
Merit72 Tooling Around Write 2 or more tool objects.
Merit73 Washington Chop down a Cherry tree.
Merit74 Water Jockey Use a sea animal as a vehicle.
Merit48 Whisperer Ride a hostile animal.
Merit76 Zookeeper Write two or more animals.
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