Like a precocious six-year-old, Maxwell thinks he always knows best no matter what the obstacles in his past. He always, quite futilely, believes he is invincible. He will charge headfirst into a pit of vipers, do a double-tuck somersault into a pool of lava, and gladly jump into a black hole without a second thought.

This is where the Maxwell holders, or screamsavers, come in. This set of objects locks Maxwell to the ground when you set him on it, like showing your six-year-old Toy Story. You can summon items, set them up, move them around, etc.; then tap the object again to get Maxwell off. Different objects are good for different situations:

Holder saddle
The most ubiquitous Maxwell holder, the saddle is small enough to fit in tight spaces, and it doesn't need to be on anything (well, besides the ground) for Maxwell to get in. Unless a specific item could be more helpful, the saddle is usually all you need to nail our hero in place.
Holder elevator
Though too big to fit in enclosed spaces, the elevator is a great way to keep Maxwell occupied if your situation also calls for some extra height. Just wait until he's on the second floor to tap the elevator again.
Holder turret

The turret is perfect if you need to keep Maxwell still while simultaneously keeping your enemies at bay. Many dangerous situations that might involve Maxwell running into certain doom can be almost entirely avoided by using a well-placed turret.

Wagon, Chariot, Steam Car, Cart  A horse-drawn vehicle will go nowhere without a horse. That's useful too! These vehicles can still roll down hills, so use them on flat surfaces.
Lighter (vehicle)  This small wooden raft is wider than the saddle but maxwell is only raised a tiny bit standing on it. And it will stand perfectly still on dry surfaces.
Drums Drums can be ridden? Weird, but useful.
NeoGAF Remove the gamer from the NeoGAF ball, and it will not move. It's small, and you now have a spare NPC.
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