Scribblenauts comes with a built in Level Editor. In it, you can create your own action levels just like in the main game.


With the level editor, you can build a complete action level. You pick a preexisting level you've solved already, and start creating. You can drag Maxwell and other items around for placement. The finishing touch is the starite. You place a starite anywhere in the level by creating one. You've got the Toy starite, and the real starite. Select your music track, enter a hint and name and you're all set! You can share these levels with friends via wifi or local.


The Level Editor has quite a few building limitations:

  • Inability to make a puzzle level
  • No functioning tripwires, gates or buttons.
  • No static objects. You can create alot of objects, but they all react to physics. No set objects that do not move.
  • You cannot influence the sky. If you place a moon and make it night, the next time you open your level the sky will be back to original again.
  • Limited item bar. Occasionally you see a big action level with a lot of items. The user is unable to recreate the same amount in a custom level.


Some help making a level?

  • If you type in lava, it takes very little space and is an instant kill for Maxwell, in the case you want to create an off-limits part to the level. Just make sure the person doesn't try wings or something.


You can share your created levels with friends. You can do this:

  • Locally
  • Via Wi-Fi

super scribblenauts

super scribblenauts has a much improved level editor, as you can put liquids (example: lava, water..) without summoning it into the world.

Terrain can now be created and maxwell can wear things.

Points can be placed for specific goals, like lead the alien to the UFO, and the UFO should have a point near it.

levels can now have a specific point, like action,scare,obstacle,do action,playground,gifts,complete,slayer,feed,catch,protector,deliverey,destroyer,race,and , finally, escort.

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