These are some general Scribblenauts and wiki-wide formatting tips to help get you started with making pages.

  • ''double quotes'' makes something italic
  • '''triple quotes''' makes something bold
  • [[double brackets]] makes a link to another page, like Objects
    • This can include plurals if you leave the s on the outside of the bracket so that it goes to the right page, for example: [[Level]]s would display as Levels.
  • To link to a category, you must use this format. [[:Category:XXX]]. If you forget the : before the word Category, it will add the page to that Category!
  • To create a redirect page, just create a new page, choose a title, and write #redirect [[Target Article Name]]. If this is a redirect page for a synonym to an object, please add the Objects category to the redirect page itself so it will show up on our lists!
  • You can have the text displayed as the link be different than the link page title, using this format: [[Starite (object)|Click to see the Starite page]] will display as Click to see the Starite page.
  • Place a # followed by a heading name to link directly to a certain heading on a page. For example, [[Projectile_weapons#Sniper_Rifle|Sniper Rifle]] would link right to the Sniper Rifle heading on the Projectile Weapons page and display as Sniper Rifle.
  • For tips on taking and formatting screenshots, see Screenshot tips.
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