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Killer dinosaur!


...killer dinosaur.



Edy is an artist working for 5th Cell, the developers of Scribblenauts. And the strongest creature in the series. Getting killed by him is a fatality.

In-game, Edison is a Tyranosaurus wearing a headband and wrist bands. It is one of the strongest monsters in the game and can kill Maxwell on the title screen. Can see extremely far away!

He kills people by eating them. He's not hostile, he's just hungry. Doesn't eat everything though.

Despite his power Edison can easily be killed by anything bigger than him (ex. Kraken, Hydra, Dragon...) Edy can also be killed by eating a Blob and being shot by a Trooper.

For some reason, likely relating to it's ninja style, it goes Dragon Ball Z and fires fireballs at objects that make Ed AAANNGGRRRYYYY.

Looks oddly like the Ninja Shark. Nemesis, perhaps?

NOT friendly towards other Edisons. The first Edison summoned can always eat the later summoned edisons even though they try to eat each other at the same time.

Edy Hates Insects... so he shoots fireballs at them! He seems to get along well with Death, though.

Put a saddle on him to ride him. This is the only way, as if you try to make him friendly he will still be hungry.

Super Scribblenauts

On Super Scribblenauts, Edy does not kill people by eating them, but is just plain angry. He still has the headband and wrist bands, but his neck is a bit longer, his head is less bulky, and basically his whole body is thinner but larger than that of a normal T-rex's.