Object Information


Dark Matter




Destroys everything in range


Destroys everything in range


Antimatter, Everything


Dark matter summons a black hole-like object. You may place it anywhere there is space to accommodate it. It will then proceed to suck in everything within a certain range and destroy it. Living NPCs will die. This includes Maxwell, Starites, and any other objective-based object on the level if it's close enough. It will then poof out of existence. The range is short enough, however, that most levels allow Maxwell to be out of range.

Real World Description

Dark matter is a shorthand way of referring to the hypothetical "stuff" astrophysicsts and other scientists use to fill a specific missing component in cosmology theories when describing the current universe. Dark matter, along with dark energy, cannot be observed from Earth, but is believed to make up the majority of matter and energy of the universe. Without dark matter, the current laws of physics cannot adequately explain the observed strength of gravity. The exact nature of dark matter is unknown due to its inability to be observed directly, but observations of the known universe have provided science with data (such as galactic clustering) that can be explained by the existence of dark matter.