Scribblenauts uses a nearly touchscreen-only control scheme, and for all its charms, it can certainly take some getting used to. The following are some tips and tricks to get Maxwell to listen to his omnipotent disembodied guide more effectively. Now go out and STARITE GET!

  • Always tap where you want Maxwell to go, don't try to drag him or anything. To jump on a ledge, tap above the ledge.
  • Don't try to click on anything right on top of Maxwell, you'll probably get him. Move to one side first.
  • If you're in a vehicle, be careful not to tap the body of the vehicle unless you're ready for Maxwell to drop out.
  • If you're having trouble dragging (especially moving) animals or people, try aiming at their feet or a tiny bit below.
  • If you tap right on something, Maxwell will often run to use it. So either aim carefully and drag, or tap in the case of selectable/targetable items.
  • If Maxwell or other creatures are giving you a lot of trouble by moving around, try using a wall or a Maxwell holder like a turret, saddle or elevator. A wall will keep him still, and a Maxwell holder will keep him locked in one spot until you touch the object again.
  • Throwing things is a lot easier when Maxwell is offscreen. To throw, double tap in empty space or tap an object and select throw... if that item can be tossed, that is.
  • If there's a building or object in the way, and you're not wearing something like a jetpack or wings, then click in the air directly above the point on the ground you want to walk to. Maxwell will walk to that precise spot.
  • If you click on an object when Maxwell is offscreen, Maxwell WILL run there to use it/get in it. He won't run to a location if you tap an area, though.
  • Vehicles with usable parts often function differently. You can raise a crane's arm by clicking on it, but the only way to make a cherrypicker extend is to click a building, i.e. a building that something is sitting on.
  • If you want Maxwell to jump a long distance, and land on a flying mount, tell him to ride the mount, rather than just having him fall onto the animal.
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