Object Information


Clown Car




Driving, amusement





The clown car is like a regular car, only smaller! Make sure you try interacting with it.

Clown cars are mysterious objects that defy physics in the most amusing way possible. For reasons scientist don't understand, the smaller the size of the car, the more clowns fit inside.

Maxwell can either drive or empty the clown car. If he empties the clown cars, three clowns jump out, and rush to sit in the driver's seat. Maxwell can drive the car, and his head will stick out the sunroof. If he crashes the car, three clowns will fly out of the car if the car has not been emptied before driving it.

The clown car is both a vehicle and a container. The three clowns that start out in the car when it is summoned are not passengers, they are cargo! The car can have one driver, no passengers, and as much cargo as can be summoned. The cargo does not have to be clowns.

The car can be crashed by driving it over a rough surface, but otherwise it is extremely rugged. It can survive having a blimp dropped on it, unlike a brontosaurus.

The clown car is the clown's favorite vehicle.