Level Information
World Metro


Difficulty 3stars
Par 3



Description of the level

There are some criminals behind switch doors and some cops too. There is an SMG beside one of the switches.

There are three Prisoners behind red steel doors. Maxwell is also behind one, with the red switch to open them. In the middle of the centre room is a SMG and a blue switch. The blue switch will release the Policeman and Security Guard which are in the way of the green switch.

The Starite is behind the prisoner in the top right, behind the red, blue and green door, so all switches must be activated to get the starite

Possible solutions

First you must activate the red switch beside you, wait a second, then deactivate it. If all goes well, two convicts will duke it out. The one with the SMG will win. Summon a rope and attach it to the convict. Then wait for him to walk close enough to the door with cops behind it and attach the other end of the rope to the door. He and the cops will fight. If they aren't all dead by then, sick an arabhar on them. Now, there should be one more convict left. He follows your movements, so if you have stayed behind your door he will. Reactivate the red switch beside you. Now move the arabhar next to the convict. He will die. Put the arabhar away and activate the blue switch. Now activate the green switch. Attach the rope to the part of the rightmost red door that sticks out of the ceiling. Climb up the rope and grab your starite!

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