Scribblenauts Wiki
Level Information
World The Gardens


Two Star Difficulty
Par 2


Two buttons, one switch!


Maxwell stands on elevated ground where to the lower right of him is a door activated by a red switch, with a starite right behind said door. On the outside of the door is a green button that when pressed opens the green door to Maxwell's left. On Maxwell's left there is a blue door with a green door behind it, behind the green door is a red switch. Outside the blue door is a blue button.

Possible Solutions

You could summon something to cover the green and blue buttons, then go over and flip the switch.

Or, if you want to keep your par down, you could just summon an engineer and place him by the switch. He'll pull it immediately and let you through.

Or, if you want to keep you par even farther down, push the rocks until they hold the switches then activate the red switch yourself.