Scribblenauts Wiki
Level Information
World The Gardens


Three Star Difficulty
Par 3


Sometimes, things are exactly what they seem!

Description of the level

There's a starite resting on a red switch-activated door, with metal spikes all around and a Megalodon shark in the water beneath Maxwell.

Possible solutions

  • The best way to kill the shark is with a toaster. If you drop it above the water it will kill the shark and survive the shock, turning into bread. (Soggy, burnt, bread ... yummy?) This is handy because you can use the bread further. Place a door upright below the red switch-activated door. Then use what's left of the toaster to activate the switch. The starite will land safely on the door. Position Maxwell on either side of the level. Now drop the toaster gently to nudge the starite his way. If you miss you must use scuba to get it.
  • For another method, glue pillows to the tip and left side of the upper platform's central spike as well as the upward facing side of the left-pointing spike, then use a rock to trigger the button. As long as the item doing the triggering doesn't fall off, the Starite will always veer left, coming to rest on the pillow on the left-pointing spike. Then, use Pegasus to get up, coming from the right. He won't be happy going through the corner, but dismount and ignore the pokes to Max and grab your prize.
  • First, spawn a jetpack and wear it. Next, go right below the red sideways gate. Last, spawn a box and put it on the switch. The game will glitch for a few seconds and then the jetpack will be destroyed and the Starite will fall on Maxwell and Maxwell will be invincible and will fall on the spike for around a second and then the game will say STARITE FOUND and you will win.