Level Information
World The Gardens


Difficulty 1star
Par 4



Description of the level

So Maxwell is standing on a wood plank, over a pool of water with a shark in it, and a large tripwire. The starite is to the right of Maxwell, on the other side of a large tripwire. This gives two paths, hence the puzzle name.

Now the starite is on one steel blue door, and there is another right above it, so either way, the starite is going to fall and block one path. However, setting of the first large tripwire, only drops the starite down onto a steel red door. To open the second door, Maxwell must go into the water with the shark by taking the path under the wood.

Possible solutions

  1. Set off the steel blue door large tripwire to drop the starite.
  2. Drop a toaster into the water on the shark.
  3. Use a cutting item, like a saw on the wood.
  4. Drop into the water, then equip a scubasnorkel, or snorkeler to swim under the rock outcropping.
  5. Grab the starite and party!
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